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Gay torture stories

Friday, October 30th, 2009 2 Commented
Categorized Under: Gay Torture
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I don’t know any reason that can prevent you from checking up this gay torture story and get a lot of delight from it. Two dirty slaves Pierce and Ed were dominated by two merciless and absolutely crazy masters and I think that they will remember this gay fetish torture for a long time They got their hands tied up first of all and then Ed got to feel dildo deep inside of his tight asshole. He began to cry from pain and his weeping drove these masters absolutely crazy. That’s why they ordered him to pee in a bowl and then drink this urine from it.

Poor guy asked for mercy but they were not going to stop and ordered to lick Pierce’s asshole to make it wet enough for fucking. Nasty Ed had to do it right and then he was told to bang Pierce’s anal as strong as never before in his fucking life. But what they are going to do the next? If you are interested in witnessing this gay torture video and crazy pictures of these guys humiliated then you shouldn’t miss this wonderful opportunity or you will lose a lot of positive impressions.

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  1. Rick Everett says:

    Great stuff
    I am available hahahah
    Keep up the great work

  2. delia mistress Piatkowski says:

    I cannot wait you may write some much more about mistress and dominatrix , you got exact point , maintain on writing!

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